Jordi Boronat, awared with the Feenberg 2017 medal

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Jordi Boronat, researcher of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, from the Barcelona Monte Carlo Research Group of Quantum (BQMC), has been awarded the Feenberg 2017 medal. It is a prestigious project in the field of quantum mechanics, awared every two years by the committee advisor to the conference series on Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories 

Foto Jordi Boronat

The Feenberg 2017 meadel has been granted to Jordi Boronat, of the BQMC  group and linked to the Physics Department of the UPC and the FIB, for his "development and application of microscopic methods of many bodies, both analytical and computational, and their use to determine with precision the properties of quantum fluids and the dilution of gases in various geometries and in the BEC-BCS crossover regime. "

The BQMC group of the UPC focuses its research in the study of quantum systems of many interacting particles, be they atoms, electrons or molecules. Specifically, the researchers of the group do it through numerical simulation through calculus programs that solve quantum mechanics equations. As a result, they can study, for example, liquid helium, electron gas or ultra-cold gas in the condensed state of Bose-Einstein. This study serves to advance the knowledge of the quantum behavior of matter.

The award ceremony will take place in the framework of the 19th edition of the International Conferences on Recent Developments in Many Body Theories, which will take place in South Korea this year.
The Feenberg medal was established in 1983 in memory of the researcher Eugene Feenberg. Since then, every two years this recognition is awarded to a researcher from a list of nominees. In previous editions, have been awarded, among others, Anthony J. Leggett and Walter Kohn, two scientists who later received the Nobel Prize.

Source: UPC press room