ICREA Acadèmia 2021 award

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Albert Cabellos, FIB professor of the Department of Computer Architecture, is one of the five UPC researchers who has received the ICREA Acadèmia 2021 award in recognition of his research work at a Catalan public university.

Since 2008, the ICREA programme has promoted excellence and contributes to the foundation of research by all the professors of public universities in Catalonia, prioritizing the detection and encouragement of this collective with potential for scientific growth to subsidise research over a period of five years.

Albert Cabellos is a researcher of the Broadband Communications research group, which belongs to the IDEAI (Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence) Research Center and full professor of the Department of Computer Architecture at UPC.

His research focuses on reducing the cost of operating network-based infrastructures, suchas communication networks, power distribution networks, and so on.

His research will address how to apply AI techniques to graphs, in particular machine learning.

This is the second ICREA award achieved to Albert Cabellos who was the winner in ICREA 2016 edition.