HumanITCare 4YFN 2022 winner

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HumanITCare, winner of the 4YFN 2022 awards, global startup competition of GSMA MWC Barcelona.

Unai Sánchez, alumni FIB, and Nuria Pastor, the first woman awarded, founders of HumanITCare, have been winners of the 4YFN Awards 2022 of the GSMA Mobile World Congress Barcelona. The 4YFN is the world's largest exhibition start event for the mobile industry, the aim of which is to support investors and companies to connect and launch projects together.

Nuria and Unai, met in the 2017 edition of the 4YFN during a hackathon called Imagine Creativity Center. A year later, they founded HumanITCare based in Barcelona. The company uses Artificial Intelligence (IA) for patients to be able to serve at home by their reference point health, and also to be able to monitor them. Currently, they can connect over 100 remote medical devices with custom alarms for thousands of patients.

In 2019, with HumanITCare, Unai Sánchez obtained the Fiber Entrepreneurship mention at the Festibity, the Information Technology Festival.

Winners have commented that digital health is one of the most difficult sectors to innovate, because it is important to follow all regulations and demonstrate evidence. They have started work with public hospitals and connected their solution to electronic health records, allowing people with chronic diseases to access health control remotely.

Nuria Pastor, the first female participant and winner of this award, highlights the importance of education to overcome the gender gap, with role models for girls and young girls in secondary education. In addition, that investment in women-led companies is not lost, which fell by 0.5% in 2020 compared with the 2019 2.8%.  Pastor emphasizes their vocation to put technology at the service of patients in order to improve their lives, and the importance of humanism. In the future, they imagine a world in which all people can be treated from home with their solution.

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