Fermín Sánchez has been awarded the Research Awards of the SCIE and the BBVA Foundation 2023

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Fermín Sánchez receives the Ramon Llull award at the ceremony Premios de la Informática 2023

On October 25 the 2023 edition of Premios de Inevstigación de la Sociedad Científica Informática de España y la Fundación BBVA awards ceremony took place.

Fermín Sánchez Carracedo, has received the Ramon Llull Award, in the category of National Awards, for his work on the professional skills of the computer engineering degree, and participation in the preparation of international curricula, as well as his coordination and creation work of networks and teaching groups.

Fermín Sánchez, is a tenured professor at the FIB-UPC, and he played a fundamental role in defining the set of professional skills that a computer engineering career must have after the start in 1999 of the so-called Process of Bologna, which forced the redesign of university degrees in the European Union. Fermín discovered his passion for computers when he was studying electronics in a Vocational Training course, "Digital design was my favorite subject, I was fascinated by everything that had to do with the design of a microprocessor or the circuits that make up a computer".

You can see an interview with Fermín Sánchez in the Youtube channel from Fundación BBVA.

The Premios de Investigación de la Sociedad Científica Informática de España y la Fundación BBVA  have two types of awards:

The National Computing Awards modality, with the aim of recognizing the work of researchers and public and private entities in the area of ​​Computing who have dedicated their professional careers and effort to study, strengthening and the dissemination of this discipline.

The Young Informatics Researchers modality, aimed at distinguishing innovative and relevant doctoral works. It seeks to recognize those researchers who contribute to the generational relief in this discipline and to its study, strengthening and dissemination. It rewards the creativity, originality and excellence of these researchers in the first years of the profession and aims to serve as an incentive for them to continue their research work.



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