Mobility place request for Erasmus+, Latin America, India, Russia, Taiwan, China and double degrees in Europe

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FIB students can do an academic mobility stay during their bachelor's or master's studies. In this occasion, target universities are all around the world and belong to different mobility programmes.

Grant potential:

The requests for these programmes are done through the e-Secretaria in the corresponding period. Each student can make up to 10 different requests.

To do the place assignement, requesting students are ordered by the following parameters: mean grade, alfa of the last two semesters and number of credits pending to end the studies. Places will be assigned in this order with the requested preferences and place availability taken into account.

Once the place is granted, the student has to accept or reject via the e-Secretaria before the indicated deadline

Online procedure


1st call: Mid-February to the beginning of March, approximadately.

Resolution 1st call: Place resolution will be communicated two weeks after the call is closed in the e-Secretaria.


2nd call: Only for places vacant after the 1st call. Around the end of September.

Resolution 2nd call: Place resolution will be communicated two weeks after the call is closed in the e-Secretaria.

Bachelor's degree in Informatics Engineering, Bachelor Degree in Data Science and Engineering and FIB master's degree students

MIRI - 12 ECTS elective + specialty complementary credits, if needed, + 30 ECTS TFM

MAI - 12 ECTS elective + 18 ECTS TFM


This procedure is free.

FIB International Relations

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