Talk: Intervention analysis for low count time series

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Speaker: David Moriña Soler, BGSMath - UAB
Date: Friday, 15 th of march 2019 at 12:30 pm 
Venue: building ETSEIB, floor 6 (Avda. Diagonal, 647)

Talk Title:

Intervention analysis for low count time series with applications in public health



It is common in many fields to be interested in the evaluation of the impact of an intervention over a particular phenomenon. In the context of classical time series analysis a possible choice might be intervention analysis, but there is no analogous methodology developed for low count time series. In this talk, we will introduce a modified INAR model that allows to quantify the effect of an intervention and is also capable of taking into account possible trends or seasonal behaviour. Several examples of application in different real and simulated contexts will also be discussed.


Short Bio:

David Moriña holds a PhD in Mathematics obtained at Autònoma University in 2013. His area of interest is focused in mathematical modelling applied to health sciences, especially in the handling and analysis of longitudinal data, specifically time series data. He has broad experience in the design, development and analysis of clinical trials and epidemiological studies-working in several research centres, including the Technological Center in Nutrition and Health (CTNS), the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) and the Catalan Institute of Oncology, developing new models for cancer research. He joined BGSMath - UAB in 2018, working on the development of new mathematical and statistical models with applications to cancer epidemiology. For more information on his research, see