SIO visits the UPF Barcelona School of Management

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The students of SIO, a subject within the Information Systems Specialization of FIB's Bachelor in Informatics Engineering, accompanied by their teacher, Joan A. Pastor, have visited the UPF Barcelona School of Management on the occasion of a round table held on Thursday, 21th of March 2019, and invited by the management of this business school. 

foto taula rodona estudiants SIO 21 març 2019

The round table, focused on the "Ethical challenges of the digital age: Commitments and limits to gain the confidence of citizens and customers", a theme closely related to SIO's transversal competence, was staged by:

  • Cristina Estavillo (director of R&D FW of HP)
  • Mar Alarcón (founder of SocialCar)
  • Joana Barbany (director of Digital Society of the Government of Catalonia)
  • The moderator, Laia Soriano (Head of Training, Evaluation and Governance of the Transparency Agency of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona).

Among the diversity of topics discussed in the round table and the subsequent debate, the main emphasis was put on the need to invest more and better in education in "digital talent", prepared to work ethically in multi-disciplinary teams, in a time when much of the work, citizen participation, business and life in general are mediated by tools, platforms and digital information systems. Means that open up great possibilities for innovation for social and economic improvement, while also presenting highly worrying risks, for which "digital talent" should be promoted for all educational levels, and especially those of the highest professional responsibility, as are the informatics engineers educated at FIB. 

Further information about the round table