Facebook & FIB-UPC - Newsfeed integrity

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Day: Tuesday, 9th of July
Time: 12 pm
Venue: Auditorium Manuel Martí Recober, Campus Nord


Facebook goal with News Feed is to show people the stories that matter most to them, every time they visit Facebook. News Feed is a personalized, ever-changing collection of photos, videos, links, and updates from the friends, family, businesses, and news sources they've connected to on Facebook. 

This talk will give you an overview of how the News Feed works, and how we enforce Integrity in the News Feed, as well as the challenges in combining maximizing relevance while minimizing bad experiences. 


Luis Garcia Pueyo, Software Engineering manager.

Lluis Garcia-Pueyo is an enginieer manager at faceboook (2017 - now), working on discovering and reducing negative experiences in news feed ranking. Prior to this, he worked in information extration and information retrieval at Google Research (2012-2017), and multimedia retrieval and display advertising at Yahoo Research (2007-2012).

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