Conference: "eCooltra a mobility solution for the future"

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Conference by Timo Buetefisch, CEO of COOLTRA

Day: Monday, April 9th, 12 p.m.

Venue: Auditorium Room, Vèrtex Building

Cycle of conferences organized in the field of the subject "Enterprise and Economic Environment"

Jose Cabré and Juan Carles Gil, professors of the Department of Business Organization are pleased to invite you to the Conference / Debate cycle.

Timo Buetefisch was born in Germany 43 years ago and has lived in Barcelona for 14 years. Before settling in the Catalan capital he was living in his native Germany, in Paris, Buenos Aires, Greece and Switzerland. An entrepreneur by nature, he has been leading the Cooltra company for a decade, which he founded, working to position himself as a leader in mobility solutions on two wheels.

Cooltra is one of the basic references in the field of motorcycle rental in Europe, with a fleet of more than 10,000 vehicles. He will come to talk about his business model, his innovative urban motorcycle rental service eCooltra.

Everything came because of a problem that Timo had with his motorcycle. He had to leave it in the shop much longer than he wanted, so he needed a solution. This solution was to rent a motorbike for a while, but it really cost him to find a place to rent it, he did not know where to go. He began to analyze the market and realized that it was a very good business opportunity (Mobility in Barcelona is based on the bike for a long time).