Salsa'm Programme

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The aim of this programme is to provide international students coming to the UPC with a personalised support that makes them feel academically integrated and that enables them to interact with local students, as well as to practice languages.

The centres currently involved are EEBE, ETSAB, ETSETB, ETSECCPB, FIB, ESEIAAT, FOOT, EETAC i ESAB.

The Language and Terminology Service (SLT) coordinates SALSA’M, together with a team of intern students. The International Relations Bureau and the International Relations department of each centre  collaborate on its organisation too.


This programme started the 1st semester of the academic year 2015/2016 with a pilot test where the participants were just three centres. However, in the next edition that took place the following semester the FIB joined the project, and it still does!

Each semester we call on students to become mentors (buddies) and incomings to get involved in SALSA’M. The SLT is in charge of the rest of the process and, amongst other things, it deals with mentors’ applications per centre, matches up buddy-incoming also for every centre, plans common activities and their calendar, evaluates the pairings, and may give out ECTS to the buddies based on the performance of their task.

The intention is that the students in the SALSA’M programme are able to enjoy some of the specific activities. Therefore, during few years we have been offering free access and guided visit to the 4YFN, an activity that is part of the Mobile World Congress. Besides, students have had free entrance to the IOTSWC.

The coordinators and mentors satisfactorily assessed at the end of their participation in the programme will get academic recognition of ECTS for having carried out extra-university activities (6 and 3 ECTS respectively).