Codeclub at the libraries

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FIB students participating in this project are in charge of approaching Scratch programming to boys and girls between 10 and 12 years old.

These sessions take place in the computing rooms of the Generalitat de Catalunya Libraries network. The CodeClubCat provide them with the material and the support needed to carry out the programmed sessions (between 10 and 12 sessions of 1 and a half hours).

This project took off on May 2014, when the Libraries Service of the Generalitat and the CodeClubCat started a collaboration with a goal: bringing programming free of charge closer to children between 10 and 12 years old.

Libraries provided their rooms and IT resources, while the CodeClubCat supplied the educational material and the web support.

However, the project needed volunteers to teach the children in the libraries. Consequently, the promoters contacted the FIB and the online university UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) asking us to spread the word on the project in order to engage students willing to carry out this special training.

Bachelor’s degree students in Informatics Engineering and Data Science and Engineering (GEI and GCED) get 2 ECTS for extra-university activities as a reward for having participated and satisfactorily finished the scheduled workshops.

The Libraries Service informs us of the launch of the project new edition. Then, we disseminate the volunteers’ recruitment call and right after the students interested in taking part are able to enrol and choose the three libraries that suit them better.

Libraries will offer some working hours options for the students involved in the activity. Once the enrolment finishes, the libraries Service allocates and informs the students. According to the established calendar, volunteers will do training before they start the workshops. They will also have to be in contact with the allocated library to agree on the schedule, etc. Then, fun with the kids start!

Finally, Libraries service will send us volunteers' certificates of attendance in order to get their credits recognition done.


FIB students

It’s been a fantastic experience. Without a doubt, I would do it again. Thanks a lot for bringing CodeClub to the libraries! :)”

The experience has been a very interesting one for me, not only because I could become familiar with Scratch, the workshop itself and its dynamics, but also for the interaction with my colleague, the kids and the library staff.”

“I’ve enjoyed a lot being involved in this CodeClub. Either I would like to have the opportunity to keep working on an advanced level or teaching lessons, since it is rewarding and good fun.”