Hackathon Mobility BCN 2018

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Hackathon Mobility BCN 2018 invites you to participate in the mobility of the future: how we will move, our experience while on the move, and the services derived from our movements. 

On the 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th of March, CARNET, SEAT, the Cátedras TELEFÓNICA  and METROPOLIS: LAB organize the Hackathon Mobility BCN, an event that It has the support of the Barcelona City Council, the UPC and other entities related to the mobility and innovation sector.

During the more than 48 hours that the Hackathon lasts - which will take place at the Campus Nord of the UPC - interdisciplinary teams will be formed to create applications in order to provide solutions to future mobility problems, competing in one of the three proposed challenges:

- Social Mobility: waking up the machines by Cátedras TELEFÓNICA

- AI for Mobility and Driving Experience by SEAT

- Visualizing Mobility by METRÓPOLIS: LAB

During the event, participants will also receive training from collaborating companies and entities such as the Barcelona City Council and will be able to access a relaxation area.

The event is open to all students interested in the future of mobility and there is a limit of 110 participants.

All information and inscriptions at: www.carnetbarcelona.com/hackathon2018

Inscriptions until 3rd of March.