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I2P Course for Master Students

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Internship Innovation Project (I2P) is a master level course where multidisciplinary student teams tackle a challenge presented by a company or external institution

Teams will be constituted by ESADE students (Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and UPC students (Master in Telecommunications Engineering and/or Master in Electronic Engineering and/or Master in Computer science)

Student teams will tackle a challenge specified by a company or external institution. Two teams of 8 students will work in every challenge and there will be 8 different challenges. Teams will design, develop and test alternative solutions to the challenge by exploring possibilities for new products and services and finding ways to significantly improve existing products and services and developing the concepts to a level that they can be initially tested with potential customers, and running first tests.

The course will be based in the Design Thinking methodology. Around half of the course would be devoted to explore alternative needs and ideas and to choose the most relevant ones using fast prototyping and user testing. The second half would be devoted to explore the alternative solution implementations and design and develop a functional prototype able to provide a proof-of-concept.

The course does not follow a standard weekly schedule. There is an intensive kick-off week from Monday 20 to Friday 24 of February, performed at ESADE facilities, where initial training and team-building activities will be performed and the challenges will be assigned. Then teams will self-manage their time and activities until the I2P Mid-Term Intensive period, from Tuesday 18 to Friday 21 of April at Espai Emprèn, at UPC Campus, followed by four weeks of self-managed time for prototyping, until the final presentation at the company facilities, around May 15-19. Coaching sessions will be available in the intermediate periods. Intensive periods will include lectures taught by Faculty members of both institutions. 

This is a good opportunity to gain industry-related experience, to learn to work in multidisciplinary teams and to add a valuable line to your CV.

The 5 ECTS credits can be substantiated by enrolling in subjects with coherent contents, with a limited amount of students per subject in this case.  

Please see the following document for additional information and send an e-mail to if you are interested in this course or have doubts about it.

I2P Course for Master Students