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Innopolis University has opened registration for an online AI Hackathon in the field of artificial intelligence “Global AI Challenge” from 9 to 24 February.

The international industry hackathon in the field of artificial intelligence “Global AI Challenge” will be held from 9 to 24 February 2022

The teams of 2 - 6 people consist of young specialists, teachers, graduate students of the Data Science direction, students of leading educational organizations in Russia and neighboring countries.
You will have to solve the task of predicting the activity of small molecule inhibitors with known experimental activity against COVID-19. The best solutions created at the hackathon will be considered for further development. 

The winner will receive 500,000 rubles (≈ $6000), the second and third place winners 300,000 (≈ $3600) and 200,000 rubles (≈ $2400), respectively.

During the tasks participants will be advised by a team of specialists from the Institute of AI at Innopolis University, which took second place at the world competition for the use of artificial intelligence Open Catalyst Challenge. The evaluation of the solutions presented by the teams is carried out on a validator that uses classification accuracy metrics. 

Fill the form before 7 February.

Global AI Challenge