Innopolis Open Olympiad in Artificial Intelligence

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IOAI is the first Olympiad in Russia for schoolchildren and college students (first-year and second-year) in the AI CUP format.

The course will help the students to prepare for IOAI, understand the concepts and terms of AI, learn how to write a game bot, solve problem using the search method, and apply complex algorithms to solve real industrial problems. The course is developed by the professors of Innopolis University.

Everyone is welcome to apply for free AI educational course.

Registration for IOAI is open until 20 December 2020

IOAI is a new category of Innopolis Open Olympiads, that have been held since 2015 in 4 categories: Mathematics, Information, Security, and Robotics.

There are two rounds. In the first round, the participants solve the Olympiad programming problems using machine learning. In the second round, they write the final strategy for the behaviour of the PvP game character in a limited time.

First Qualification Online Round was on 22 November 2020.

We invite students directly to the 2nd Round.

Second Qualification Online Round: 1-31 December 2020. Participants will have to complete practical tasks that will help them to prepare for the Final Stage.

The Final Stage: 8-10 January 2021.