ACM womENcourage 2021

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This year’s ACM womENcourage 2021 is celebrating all attempts to bridge communities to foster innovation.

We are celebrating bridges built across boundaries of disciplines, boundaries between industry and academia, as well as boundaries among homogeneous communities, inviting individuals of all genders, nationalities and ages to co-create together.

We invite all participants to contribute to the program of the womENcourage 2021 celebration through postersworkshops and tutorialspanel discussions as well as inspiring keynote talks on any topic expanding the computing innovation via fusion with other disciplines and communities, together with insights on empowering individuals from underrepresented groups within the computing community, especially women but not only them, and celebrate the diverse talent they are bringing.

The first deadline is 1st May for posters, workshops and scholarships, and registration for the online conference is open from 1 June.

Official womENcourage website