Karina Gibert, Creu Casas Award of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans, honorific mention “Women to Change World”.

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The UPC Professor of the FIB, and Director of the IDEAI-UPC, Karina Gibert Oliveras, has been awarded the honorary mention of the Creu Casas Award "Women to Change the World", of the Sant Jordi 2022 Awards of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC).

The Creu Casas Award was created five years ago to promote women who cultivate science and is awarded for the second consecutive year to Gibert in recognition of his career in tasks of disclosing and bringing technology closer to female students, placing in particular value his inspiring profile and contributions to overcoming gender blindness in technological fields.

The award ceremony of the Sant Jordi 2022 Awards took place on 22 April at 12.30 p.m. in the IEC, and has been chaired by Teresa Cabré, president of the IEC, accompanied by the president of the Parliament of Catalonia, Laura Borràs, and the other members of the IEC government team. The event has been broadcast on YouTube.

Karina Gibert is professor of the UPC, and director of the Intelligent Research Center Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (IDEAI-UPC). A graduate in computer science from the Facultat d’Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB) where she has taught for over 30 years, she is a great knowledger of the gender gap in the field of computer science and technology in general. As vice-dean of the Official College of Computer Engineering of Catalonia (COEINF), in 2018 she founded the gender commission of COEINF, womenCOEINF, of which she is president. She is also a founding partner of the gender chapter of the Catalan Art Intelligence Association, and co-ambassador of the Women in Data Science of Stanford in Barcelona.

This mention is an acknowledgement of the intense work he does to overcome the lack of female vocations in technology and especially in computer engineering.

Among the projects he has put in place, we could highlight the creation of the PrEInf portal (http://preinf.dones.coeinf.cat/) which gives visibility to computer engineers, the Top Secret Rosies project of female talent training in artificial intelligence (IA), aimed at fostering women and the girl in science. Gibert is one of the scientists who refer to the UPC's aquiSTEAM program and is actively involved in UPC activities to eliminate the gender gap in technological studies.

The IEC gives it this distinction "for its relevant and outstanding academic career, with which it has contributed to generating a model and referent for future generations".

The IECha awarded the Sant Jordi 2022 Awards of the XCII Award and study bags. In addition to the IEC's awards and study stock markets, the awards of the various sections and subsidiary societies have been awarded, as well as the awards, grants and stock markets of the Institute's foundations. These awards recognize research work in all areas of Catalan science and culture, and are awarded to those who stand out for their scientific or academic worth.

The Sant Jordi awards have contributed since 1914 to promoting scientific research, culture and the Catalan language, being the most traditional activity of the Institute.