Alícia Casals President of the Department of Sciences and Technology of the IEC

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The new Governing Council proposes to promote reports on scientific aspects that may be taken as a reference for the institutions

Professor Alícia Casals, member of the Department of Systems Engineering, Automation and Industrial Informatics of the UPC and professor of the FIB, was elected new president of the Department of Sciences and Technology of the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC, Institut d'Estudis Catalans) at the meeting on November 19th.

The new Government Council also intends to build a permanent structure of detection of neologisms and catalanization proposals to work together with the Philological Section. It wants to have a very significant presence in the country in everything that refers to the conservation of both architectural and natural and industrial heritage, and improve synergies with subsidiary companies, with the other sections and with other entities to give better continuity and understanding in the development of projects in collaboration, among others.

Source: IEC