Tecnologia per Tothom

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Fermín Sánchez

Dades de Contacte

93 405 41 36

C/ Jordi Girona, 1-3, Building B6 - Campus Nord 08034 Barcelona



  • Raise awareness on issues of social commitment, environmental and human development cooperation.
  • Contribute through ICTs to improving the conditions of disadvantaged sectors and places.
  • Promoting social and environmental commitment and responsibility of the university.


  • Support and implementation of development cooperation projects and Inal Project in the field of ICT. (In collaboration with the CCD www.upc.edu/ccd)
  • Reuse Program supplies UPC.
  • Support and development of the Support Network for Reuse of computer equipment (https://www.ereuse.org/).
  • Awareness and social service provision via elective courses.
  • Research on ICT for social justice, and ultimately environmental sustainability.