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Joan Vinyals Ylla Català

Dades de Contacte

93 413 76 56

C. Jordi Girona 1-3, Building Omega, Office S105 Campus Nord



LinuxUPC is a non-profit association dedicated to the study and dissemination of Free Software within the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. The aims of teh assiciation are:

  1. Promoting and training in the use of culture, free hardware and networks at all levels of the university.
  2. Promoting extracurricular activities to participate in software projects, culture, free hardware and networks.
  3. Promoting good practices in the activities of specification, design, implementation, implementation and project management software.
  4. Promoting the use and collaboration with free software projects in the activities of specification, design, implementation and deployment and management of software projects.


Talks, workshops, debates, own projects, participation in hackatons.

Requisits per ser soci

Being a student of UPC.