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All subjects are taught in English.

Elective courses for each intensification

Acronym Full name Type Open 2016-2017
Advanced Computational Intelligence
ATCI Advanced Topics in Computational Intelligence Elective Q2
CN Complex Networks Elective Q2
IDADM Intelligent Data Analysis and Data Mining Elective Q1
Human-Computer Interaction
ANLP Advanced Natural Language Processing Elective Q2
CIR Cognitive Interaction with Robots Elective Q1
HCI Human-Computer Interaction Elective Q2
Knowledge Engineering and Machine Learning
AMLT Advanced Machine Learning Techniques Elective Q1
IDSS Intelligent Decision Support Systems Elective Q2
KRE Knowledge Representation and Engineering Elective Q2
MCDSS Multi-Criteria Decision Support Systems Elective Q2
Modelling, Reasoning and Problem Solving
CPP Constraint Processing and Programming Elective Q1
LAI Logics for Artificial Intelligence Elective Q2
MBM Minds, Brains and Machines Elective Q2
PGM Probabilistic Graphical Models Elective Q2
Multi-Agent Systems
MASD Multi-Agent Systems Design Elective Q2
NDVW Normative and Dynamic Virtual Worlds Elective Q1
SOAS Self Organizing Agent Systems Elective Q2
Professional Practice
AIS Artificial Intelligence Seminar Elective Q2
ISP Intelligent System Project Elective Q1
PPAI Professional Practice in Artificial Intelligence Elective Q1
Vision, Perception and Robotics
AAV Advanced Artificial Vision Elective Q1
CR Cooperative Robotics Elective Q1
OR Object Recognition Elective Q2

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