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Final Project

The final project is a compulsory subject in all Degrees at the School of Informatics.

There is an application in RACÓ for the administrative processes related to the Final Project. The processes included are:
  • Project registration
  • Project report
  • Project defence request
  • Deposit of the Project Memory. The members of the examination board can ask, if they want, to have a printed copy of the Memory.
At any time you have information about the process at RACÓ.

Choosing a project topic

The School has a number of channels for publicising the project topics on offer on the three possible schemes (at the School, at a company and at a university abroad).
A list of projects offered by the lecturers at the FIB is available at the following link: Search for a final project.

However, the School places great store on students making a project proposal to one of the School’s lecturers (who will act as the internal or external supervisor).

It is recommended that students look at past projects to find out what is expected of them as the first step in choosing a project. Past projects completed at the School are available to all students in the library.

Students can do a joint project, providing each student contributes to it and it is clear which part of it they wrote. In such cases, students will present and defend the project together, but the examiners will mark the students individually depending on the standard of work, the report, the presentation and the defence.

Project registration

Once the lecturer who will act as the internal or external supervisor has approved a project, it must be registered.

Project registration application procedure

Students must register their final projects in the semester before they enrol to take it.


Students must enrol for the subject in the regular enrolment period of the semester in which they intend to finish the project.

Students should bear in mind that the School will determine the deadline for submitting projects each semester. In planning this piece of work, it is very important to anticipate possible difficulties in summoning the examiners before the deadline, which is usually at the end of the semester. It is therefore highly recommended that the project be ready at the beginning or halfway through the semester in which students enrol for it.

You are reminded that if the project is not submitted in the semester of enrolment, you will be awarded a mark of “Absent” and you will have to enrol again.

Project report

At the very latest, students must submit a project report to the examiners two months before the project is to be defended, as specified in the regulations.

Procedures before presentation



Room bookings

It is highly recommended to book a room for the defence three or four weeks beforehand.

Room booking service

Project marks

Once the project has been defended, the examiners must award it a mark.

The examiners may propose that it be awarded a distinction. The final decision will rest with a special committee at the end of the semester when all projects have been defended.
If a proposal has been made to award a distinction by the examiners, the mark will be provisional until the committee reaches its final decision. Once the official examination results have been published, they will be sent to all of the members of the examining board. The School will notify all students who have been awarded a distinction in writing.

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