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Diploma in Computer Systems

Courses objectives

The Diploma in Computer Systems aims to provide the student with professional skills in the field of system engineering in every aspect of the introduction, setting up, utilization and maintenance of computer systems.

225 FIB credits (180 ECTS credits) undergraduate credits are needed, and are distributed as follows:
  • 157,5 FIB credits ( 126 ECTS) compulsory subjects
  • 22,5 FIB credits (18 ECTS) elective subjects
  • 22,5 FIB credits (18 ECTS) free elective credits
  • 22,5 FIB credits (18 ECTS) final project

Compulsory subjects: (to consult the list of elective subjects go to Subjects)

Elective subjects
AcronymFull name
AC Computer Architecture (9)
ALG Algorithmics (7,5)
ASAI Social and Environmental Aspects of Information Technology (7,5)
C Cryptography (7,5)
CDI Data and Image Compression (7,5)
CL Compilers (9)
CNU Numerical Computation (7,5)
DABD Design and Administration of Databases (7,5)
EDSO Structure and Design of Operating Systems (7,5)
ES1 Software Engineering I (7,5)
ES2 Software Engineering II (9)
FFTI Physical Fundamentals of Computer Technologies (7,5)
FMAR Physics of Realistic Modelling and Animation (7,5)
HDC Management and Communication Skills (7,5)
IA Artificial Intelligence (9)
MATD Discrete Mathematics (9)
MEIO Stochastic Models for the Operative Investigation (7,5)
MP Multiprocessors (7,5)
PCA Awareness of Architecture in Programming (7,5)
PCD Concurrent and Distributed Programming (7,5)
PDGPE Decision Making and Project Management in Business (7,5)
PROP Programming Project (6)
PROSO Operating Systems Project (7,5)
PXC Computer Networks Project (6)
RI Information Retrieval (7,5)
ROB Robotics (7,5)
SGBDO Database and Object Management Systems (7,5)
SGI Interactive Graphics Systems (7,5)
SIA Information Technology Systems for Automation (7,5)
SIM Simulation (7,5)
SODX Distributed and Networked Operating Systems (7,5)
SPD Public Data Services (7,5)
SSI Security in Information Technology Systems (7,5)
TIC Information and Coding Theory (7,5)
VA Advanced Visualisation (7,5)
VC Computer Vision (7,5)
VIG Visualisation and Graphic Interaction (7,5)
VPE Viability of Business Projects (7,5)


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