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Barcelona Supercomputing Center - PATC courses

Introduïda: 22-12-2016
- Petaflop System Administration; Marenostrum III
- Programming Distributed Computing Platforms with COMPSs
- HPC-based simulations, Engineering and Environment
The Professional Training Program in Barcelona Supercomputing Center is starting the new year with courses on Big Data Analytics, HPC Simulations, Petaflop Machines and Distributed Systems Programming:

The objectives of this course are to explain the different components that MareNostrum III is composed, which were the design decisions taken and why anhow the system administration is taken in this Petaflop system. The students will learn how MareNostrum III is organized and how it works. This can have some insights and ideas about how to manage clusters of thousands of nodes in a HPC or no-HPC environment.
The objectives of this course are COMPSs is a programming model which is able to exploit the inherent concurrency of sequential applications and execute them in a transparent manner to the application developer in distributed computing platform. This is achieved by annotating part of the codes as tasks, and building at execution a task-dependence graph based on the actual data used consumed/produced by the tasks. The COMPSs runtime is able to schedule the tasks in the computing nodes and take into account facts like data locality and the different nature of the computing nodes in case of heterogeneous platforms. Additionally, recently COMPSs has been enhanced with the possibility of coordinating Web Services as part of the applications. COMPSs supports Java, C/C++ and Python as programming languages.

Registration closes on January 20th but we would advise you to register early as we close registration when the places are filled in.

The objective of this course is to give a panorama on the use of HPC-based computational mechanics in Engineering and Environment through the projects BSC are carrying on. This panorama includes the basics of what is behind the main tools: computational mechanics and parallelization.

The teaching and the materials are in English and there are no fees for participation.

If you have specific inquiries, please visit BSC website or mail to us directly


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