Incoming admission procedure

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This procedure begins with the registration in the application form website and ends with the generation of the print of the admission request in PDF format:

  1. Register in the application form. First, choose your username and password and finish the registration.
  2. Fill in the form. Once registered, you will be able to fill in all the fields with your data. You can save and leave at any moment before finishing the form.
  3. Confirm the information. Once the form is correct, confirm it. Make sure all saved information is correct, because once closed, you won't be able to change any field.
  4. Generate the application form PDF. Once you close the application, you will be able to generate the PDF. This is the document you will have to print, sign yourself and get the signature from your university's responsible person. Once you have the application form printed, continue with the procedure

Online procedure

Application Form

Until the 1st June: Annual or autumn (September - January) semester applications

Until the 1st December: Spring semester applications (February - June)

Students that want to do an exchange in Barcelona

This procedure is free