Master's Thesis Defense

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Access to the session

  • PC or laptop with a supported web browser.

  • Mobile phone or tablet with Meet mobile app.

You can access the session by clicking on the link that the Faculty has sent you by email.

  • If you are an UPC member, you can access directly using your personal username or You will have to identify yourself at the top right with the UPC username and password.

  • If you are not an UPC member,

    • you have a Google account, you can access directly by identifying yourself with the email that you have previously provided to the Faculty.

    • you do not have a Google account, enter your first and last names and request access. To access the session you will have to wait for the session administrator to authorize you.

If for some reason you disconnect from the session, you will have to click on the session link again.

How does a session work

Camera and microphone off during session

We ask that you have your camera and microphone turned off during the session. You only need to activate them if requested by the chairman of the court. It is also recommended to have a low speaker volume or use headphones

If you want to participate you need a suitable background

If you participate in the session, your image and voice will be visible to all attendees. You should find a background that will put out of sight any personal object that you want to keep private


Session recording

The session will not be recorded by the university.

It is totally forbidden to record, disseminate, communicate or publish this session as a whole or in part through the Internet or other equivalent resources.

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Personal data processing

Basic data protection information

Unit responsible for processing

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona

TFG Defenses :
Master's Thesis Defenses:    

Data of the delegate of data protection

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Purposes of the treatment

F01.4 Admission, enrollment, evaluation and management of the student's academic record.
Master's Thesis Defense FIB 2020/2021 - Q1


Based on fulfilling a mission in the public interest (Llei Orgànica 6/2001, de 21 de desembre, d’Universitats) 


Your name or ID in the session will be visible to other participants when you attend the session via Google Meet.

Your image and/or voice will be accessible to other participants in the case to turn on the camera and/or microphone when you attend the session using Goggle Meet.

Your data will not be transferred to third parties, unless legal obligation.

Rights of people

Right of access, rectification or erasure, restriction of processing. Right to object. Right to data portability.

Retention Policy

As needed for any of the purposes that are described in our retention policy.


If you have been unable to exercise your rights to your satisfaction, you can file a complaint with the APDCAT: