Virtual Desktops Pilot

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Working environment and teaching support

This pilot will be finished on September 30th,  2017

During this semester FIB participates in a pilot virtual desktops service  with the software UDS Enterprise with other units of the UPC.

We want to evaluate whether to offer a service like virtual desktop images in computer labs can help and benefit students and teachers in their dalily use.

Being a pilot test, we only have 25 licenses, 15 for Windows desktops and 10 for Linux desktops.

We named the environment for working with these virtual desktops as EVA (Virtual Classroom Environment in Catalan) and, as we said, it is a service that allows virtual desktops to work with the same images of computer labs and access network drives from any computer outside the labs connecting through the VPN.

There is a maximum idle time of an hour, if that user is an hour idly,  its session expires and will have to re-connect.

How to use

Access to the platform can be made from any IP other than the classrooms, since it does not makes sense to connect from the physical PC to an equivalent virtual desktop.

The platform will connect and authentication are the username and password of the Racó.

Once connected to the platform, an authentication screen like following appears.


Authenticator must be Ldap UPC.

Once authenticated at the platform,  we will see Windows 7 icon,  currently is the only operating system that can be accessed.

First time you run the virtual desktop, installation of the UDS Pluguin is requested, you should download and install.


Once you have the pluguin installed, when you click on the Windows icon,  it will ask for the application to open the link with,  and we will use UDS Enterprise Client Connector for UDS Broker


We will be asked you authenticate again, and we have to choose "Usar otra cuenta "  (use another account) and we login with the same Racó credentials


The number of virtual desktops that can run at the same time is limited. This limitation depends on the number of licenses available to the institution, we have 15 licenses available for Windows.