Calaix: Exchange of Large Files

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Working environment and teaching support

Calaix is a service for the exchange of files that are too large to be sent by email. This service is only for academic and professional use.

It enables users to upload one or more files at a time. These files will be password protected and the password will be required for downloading, renaming, copying or deleting the files.


How to use

In order to use this service, you just have to connect to the web page:

From this page you can choose to upload, delete, rename, or download files. Once a file has been uploaded you have the option of sending an email to the person you wish to share the file with, indicating the web address, the file name and the password.

The person who uploads the file is responsible for its content and must ensure:

  • that it does not contain a virus or any other malicious program.
  • that it is in accordance with current legislation on Legal Protection of Computer Programs.
  • that it is in accordance with FIB rules.


Features and limits of the service

The service has the following specifications:

  • Files of up to 500 MB can be uploaded.
  • The maximum space available for all files is 8 GB.
  • Files are deleted after 2 days in the “Calaix”.
  • Files are protected with a password.
  • Files can be managed (delete, rename, copy, etc.).
  • One of the IP addresses from where the file is downloaded or uploaded must be part of the UPC domain.
  • Monitoring of the service.


How it works


To access the "Calaix" service, you just have to connect to the page
On this page, in the upper left-hand corner, there are icons showing the actions that can be carried out.


  • Recarregar (  ): reload the current page.
  • Copiar (  ): make a copy of a file with another name.
  • Renombrar (  ): change the name of a file.
  • Esborrar (  ): delete a file.
  • Pujar (  ): upload a file to the “Calaix”.

N.B.: In order to copy, rename or delete a file you will need the password for this file.


Download a file

To download a file, click on the filename. The system will then ask for the password for this file.

Upload a file

After choosing the option to upload a file, the following screen will be displayed:


The steps to follow to upload a file are:

  1. Select the files that you wish to upload using the "Examinar..." button.
  2. Enter a password that will be the same for all of these files and will be required of anyone who wants to copy, rename, delete or download the files. To assign a different password to each file, you will need to repeat all of the above steps for each individual file.
  3. Then click the “Pujar" button to upload.



  • To the University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea for assistance provided.
  • To the page which was the source of some of the icons.